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Mango QHSE Compliance Software

Compliance Made Easy
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About Mango

Mango is a compliance management system for businesses who are seeking an easy solution for their compliance needs such as Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental. Being a cloud-based solution means Mango can be accessed by the tip of your fingers, from anywhere at any time, from any technological device.

Mango acts as a 24/7 Compliance Manager, meaning you can spend more time on the tasks that are important to you. Mango consists of  multiple modules that have been developed by industry experts who understand the challenges involved with compliance management. All of these modules are integrated with one other and are easy to use.

Once you sign up to Mango the greatness doesn’t stop there, we go above and beyond by providing our customers with continual support.

Mango is your answer to an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to your compliance needs

Oh and did we mention that Auditors love it too?


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