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We help you manage your business risks to maximise value and minimise waste

Who We Are

We are a New Zealand based consultancy specialising in Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Health & Safety and overall Sustainability Risk Management.

We are focused on delivering effective management systems and solutions that work and are easy to implement and sustain through the tailored application of Lean thinking principles to your business.

There is no such thing as waste in the natural world – but in the artificial world of business there is plenty to go around and its everywhere. You just need to learn to see it.

On average, 95% of what your employees work on every day via the existing processes your business uses adds absolutely no-value to your customers (whether they are internal or external end users). In Lean thinking terms, this is ‘waste’ and is either classed as Muda, Muri and Mura.

Here at Sustainability Systems, we help organisations hunt down this waste within their Food Safety, Quality, Environment and Health and Safety management systems and processes, make them visible and look for opportunities to improve by removing (best), reducing, reusing, recycling (worst) – the rest is just rubbish (waste).​

About Andrew Prest

Andrew Prest is the Founder and Managing Director of Sustainability Systems. He has extensive theoretical and practical understanding of food manufacturing processes and systems having held senior management positions with major global food and beverage manufacturers for over 20 years supported by a Masters in Food Technology and Quality Assurance and a PhD in Food Microbiology. 
Andrew has significant experience in auditing and integrated systems management within the Quality, Food Safety, Health & Safety and Environmental Management sphere.

He has also driven significant cost-savings and process   changes using his in-depth knowledge of food production and processing. He places a strong emphasis on Lean thinking principles and Lean tools (to minimise waste - maximise value) to help achieve sustainability goals and develop and implement strategies to move towards real sustainability.

He can assist you in achieving your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and practical way.

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