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Lean Thinking and Sustainability

Have you every wondered if there is a better way that your company could reduce waste and use the unavoidable 'waste' that is recycled or just thrown out to landfill to get a better return than what you currently get?

Industrial ecology or industrial symbiosis is just this concept and represents circular thinking that is strongly aligned to Lean thinking principles.

We can assist you with your concept design, grant applications and business cases to help your business become better. We also work between businesses helping one businesses waste-stream become another businesses input. All at a local level.

We can also help you improve employee engagement/reduction of staff turnover, reduce operational costs, assist in your sustainability reporting,  compliance to GRASP, SEDEX and ISO 14001 programs.

Have working experience of Lean principles and Operational Excellence including Visual Management, problem solving and root cause analysis supported by visual SOP's,  training aids and skills and competency assessments that work.

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