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Food Safety and Training
Food Control Programs (FCP's)

With practical knowledge and ‘know how’ across most sectors of the food manufacturing industry, and with Product Safety Management experience with a major UK food retailer in addition to FMCG manufacturing and primary industry (Horticulture), we can assist you with implementing or improving your HACCP-based Food Control Program in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Food Safety Training

​Long and fancy words in procedures, work instructions, check sheets and boring presentations just doesn't cut it for the target audience in reality - this is not delivering value to your customer (i.e. the people being trained) and is wasteful!

We can help you improve the impact of your documentation and training content to ensure your food handlers and team leaders receive training tailored to current language, literacy and numeracy levels using proven adult learning tools and techniques. This really helps in making the training stick and reduces avoidable food safety and quality issues and costs while increasing staff morale.

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