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Southern Paprika

Here at Southern Paprika, we produce capsicum all year round under 22 hectares of glasshouse with 140 staff in our peak season. 


Our production employees are working around glass, at height, and with machinery such as forklifts, tractors & scissor lift trolleys.  We are producing food, and therefore adhere to strict food safety & hygiene programs. 


We are authorised by MPI to carry out phytosanitary inspections and we are a transitional facility, devanning overseas container shipments.  As you can imagine, the paperwork (policies, procedures, training, codes of practice, best practice guides, risk assessments, accident investigations, audits etc) and organisation for all of these functions is massive. 


Two years ago, the decision was made to integrate these systems to an online package to help manage the load.


We chose Mango because it was an economical option that was not overly complicated, had inbuilt reminders and workflows and met all of our foreseeable requirements.


The transition of information into Mango was fairly painless.  Mango’s dashboard is well laid out and very easy to see all of the important / urgent information needed at a glance.  It is a central point for document control across all of our systems.  We have been able to discontinue one of our HR systems for employee information in favour of Mango, and can see the possibility of doing the same with our maintenance system. 


We have been impressed with the level of support by our agent and delighted that the team at Mango listen to your development requests and action where possible.  Now that we have the mobile phone app, our supervisors in the glasshouse are able to report incidents, accidents, risks & improvement suggestions simply, immediately and without disrupting work flow. 


We are more than happy to recommend Mango as a tool to any business (regardless of size) and can’t imagine reverting back to work without it!

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